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Ron was born on the wrong side of the tracks in Michigan. By wrong side, we mean ON the tracks. As the approaching 4:30pm commuter train approach, his mother Charlotte used all her strength to get off the tracks only to realize she had moved onto the actual track the train was also on. In a brilliant move, she quickly moved back to her original birthing position.

The sound of metal wheels on metal rails was only overpowered by the lung capacity of the newborn male child, known as Ronald.

As a young man, Ron, like most children his age, attended school. You could often find Ron doodling in his math, science, English, and history books, but for some odd reason, not his art books. Ron would draw anything, anywhere, anyhow for anyone.

As a budding teenager the artist currently known as Ron, landed his dream job … usher at a local movie theater that catered to the elderly. Not having to worry about running after patrons trying to get in without a ticket, Ron would often be found drawing in his sketch pad as he waited for movie attendees to slowly, and I mean slowly, make their way through the theater.

Later in life Ron worked for a well know sports figure who owned an apparel corporation. There he was hired to design apparel featuring well known cartoon characters from Disney, Warner Brothers and Hanna-Barbera. His claim to fame was the Scooby-Doo left sock. Due to poor upper management in the company it was realized later that no one had ever been assigned to create the design for the right sock.

Ron soon landed a job doing street caricatures for Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida. He’s now moved on to doing freelance work including children’s book illustrations, mascots, and custom designs for Tervis Tumblers.